A perfectly Zinful wine for Mardi Gras

Consistently marvelous Zin from Michael David Winery, the Seven Deadly Zins bottle has lost its clever poetry from the back label without losing any of the rich, peppery, spicy aromas and flavor which has characterized this Lodi-grown production year in and year out for well over a decade.  This is a red that never lets me down, with a rich fruity nose and a very nicely rounded mouth-feel.  On the finish I find both currant and dark cherry tastes in the 2013.  A festive, well-integrated stand-alone sipper, I enjoy it with Italian and Asian foods, as well as the softer cheeses.

You’ll find folks who prefer Cabs or Pinots who refused to admit they like any Zins, of course. For folks seeking a rich, fragrant glass to share with friends the 2013 vintage once again boasts a complex enough flavor profile to serve after almost any other bottle (except, perhaps, Viognier, which tends to influence the taste-buds subtly long after the glass is empty.)

Highly recommended – a personal favorite.



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